Superior Rents carries a multitude of pumps to cover most needs. If you need a lot of water moved quickly, we offer a 3” trash pump.  These pumps will move 360 gallons per minute. They are gas powered 8 horsepower motors. They are called trash pumps due to the fact that they can remove up to 1 1/2” solids making it perfect to drain outdoor pools or ponds that may have accumulated leaves and debris. These pumps have a 20′ suction hose and 50′ sections of discharge hose.

If your not in as big of a hurry, we offer 2” trash pumps. These pumps resemble the 3” except they are a little smaller and have a 5 ½ horsepower motor making them capable of moving 190 gallons per minute. They will remove up to a 1” solid and have a 20′ suction hose and 50′ sections of discharge hoses.

We also offer a 2” submersible pump. These pumps are electric ½ horsepower motors. They will move 53 gallons per minute. There is no need for a suction hose due to the fact the whole pump is submersible and sits in the bottom of your drain pool. They have discharge hoses in 50′ increments and   are capable of removing small solids. These are ideal for pools with not very much debris or indoors where you cannot run a gas powered motor. We also carry these in a 2/3 horsepower motor.

These will move more water per minute but will not remove solids.

Finally, for smaller jobs, Superior Rents offers garden hose pumps. These pumps are electric and submersible. They come in 1/3 and 2/3 horsepower and will remove 36 or 39 gallons per minute. They use a garden hose as a discharge giving them their name. They will not remove any solids so they are ideal for small pools that have no debris.   

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