Superior Rents knows how important it is to make and maintain a good appearance and impression. Which is why we carry a wideLawn Care Equipment variety of lawn care equipment. We strive to make sure we have what you need to make your yard beautiful and healthy. We have Thatchers (power rakes) which rake out the dead leaves, grass and debris in your lawn and pull it to the surface where it can be removed. Leaving the thatch in the lawn chokes out the grass making it hard to get nutrients and water making your yard more susceptible to weeds, pests and fungi. Our thatchers are a walk behind machine resembling a lawn mower and are operated easily. They are gas powered and easy to lift in and out of a truck bed.

We also offer other options for removing leaves such as Leaf Blowers and Yard Vacuums. Leaf blowers are offered in a backpack or walk behind models. The walk behind models produce a stronger and wider blast of air and are gas powered and light weight. The yard vacuums suck up the leaves and deposit them into a bag. They resemble a cross between a vacuum and lawn mower. These are an alternate to blowing the leaves into a pile to pick up.

Superior Rents is also one of only a few places in the Ozarks that you can rent a Sod Cutter. This machine will cut an 18” wide strip of sod. Sod is a made of two layers, it is grass on top with a layer of soil underneath keeping the grass alive and attached and making it easily rolled. The sod can then be removed easily and either replaced or relayed. This is ideal for repairing a pipe without destroying a nice lawn. The sod cutter can be adjusted to cut from 1/2” to 2 1/2” in depth.  It is gas powered and self propelled.

Superior Rents carries plug style Aerators. Aerators work by punching holes into your lawn, known as plugs, giving your grass roots access to water, nutrients and oxygen thus improving the growth of the lawn. This helps your grass to grow faster and fuller. We also carry a tow-able unit that will easily connect to a riding mower for a bigger lawn. Both units have adjustable depths depending on application needed. Depth is adjusted by adding or removing water from a tank, that in turn adds or removes weight to the machine pressing the plugs either deeper or shallower.

Superior Rents also offers seeding and fertilizing equipment. Seeder Slicers are a great machine for adding seed to your yard and making sure you get the most out of the seed. They work by making slices in the top soil with blades at adjustable depths and allowing the seed to get into the soil instead of laying on top and hoping it takes root. The seed has a better chance of growing since it is essentially being planted.  These machines, sometimes called overseeders, help create a fuller yard. They resemble a thatcher except for the addition of a seed box that has an adjuster to allow more or less seed to be dispersed. This allows you to personalize the application to your yard. We then offer a gas powered straw blower that can be placed in the back of a truck or on a trailer. These are good for mulching and distributing straw on the lawn over the seed to keep the seed down until it has had time to take root. We also carry walk behind fertilizer spreaders for feeding your yard nutrients to help it grow.

Finally, we carry several options for cutting and trimming your lawn. We offer walk behind mowers, as well as, ride-on zero turn mowers with 52” decks. These mowers will cut your lawn fast and efficient and in most cases will look just as nice as push mowing it.  Zero turn mowers are easy to operate and give you more maneuverability than a traditional ride on mower. Our lawn edgers are great for making your lawn’s edge straight and trimmed. The blades are offered in a trenching style and edging style to customize your own curb appeal. Last we carry a string weed trimmer, otherwise known as a weed eater, to trim around any trees, fence, house or other obstacles in your yard that you are not able to get up against with a mower.

For a full list of other Lawn Care Equipment reference our online catalog here.