Superior Rents offers many different machines for unclogging your drainpipes. We carry multiple sewer augers, otherwise known as sewer snakes. For sink and small pipe applications we have 25′  manual or electric sewer augers. These augers are ¼” thick making them perfect for small diameter pipes. The electric unit is a spool attached to a special drill. Simply feed the cable into the pipe till you hit your clog, lock the cable down with a hand lock, and squeeze the trigger on the drill to rotate the cable and chew threw the clog. The manual works the same except you crank it by hand to twist the cable instead of using a drill.

Our next size up is a 50′  manual or electric sewer auger. This cable is 1/2” thick making it more suitable for larger diameter pipes. It is provided with different style cutting heads depending on what is clogging your line, i.e. roots, paper, grease. The electric models come on a  belt driven spool attached to a base with a rotating motor. They both are hand fed into the pipes until you reach the blockage and lock the cable by a bolt, at that point the manual is operated by crank, where as, the electric is operated by a foot pad.

For bigger pipes and longer lines, Superior Rents carries 100′ sewer augers. These are all electric with 5/8” thick lines. They also come with a variety of cutting heads for specific blockages. Like the 50′ sewer augers, the are hand fed into the lines. Once you get to your blockage you lock down the cable. You then operate the motor by foot pedal. These augers are located on stands with two wheels so they can be moved easily and on belt driven spools with an electric motor for rotating the spool.

For extra long reach we carry 150′ sewer augers. These are 5/8” thick cables like 100′ augers.

The difference between the two, other than length, is that the 150′ augers are auto-fed. This machine has a feed lever on it that has a forward and reverse setting that will feed the cable into the line, as well as, retract it. Otherwise, it operates like the 100′ augers.

For other plumbing needs, Superior Rents carries manual and electric Pipe Threaders. We have dyes for multiple diameter pipes. Our electric Pipe Threader will cut, thread, and ream 1/2” to 2” diameter pipes. It is ideal for repairing old lines or installing new ones.

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