Superior Rents offers a multitude of miscellaneous items that are needed often but are not easily categorized into a specific rental group. Such as, our Aluminum Siding Brake, which will bend a 10′ section of siding or sheet metal. We also have a trim cutter that can attach to the brake.

We offer a variety of floor scrubbing machines. Our Platform Floor Scrubber is an electric floor scrubber with a stand on platform. It contains a solution tank and a discard tank for holding your floor solution that you are spraying on the floor and holding the vacuumed up used solution from the floor.

It has a 20′ rotating disc that holds one of several kinds of scrubbing pads or a brush. It also has a squeegee with a vacuum attached enabling it to vacuum up liquid from the floor. You can use this machine to spray down the solution, squeegee and pick up the solution, scrub the floor, or in most cases all three. It has self contained batteries and charger making it cordless.

If you have a big area to scrub and want it done faster we offer a Ride-On Floor Scrubber. It is propane powered that covers 67,000 square feet per hour. It is 51” wide, 91” long, and 57” tall and weighs 3100 lbs. It has a 5 cubic foot debris hopper, 3 different 14” brushes for scrubbing the floor, a 68 gallon solution tank and a 65 gallon recovery tank. This machine is ideal for warehouses, arenas, or any area with a lot of square feet.

To view more miscellaneous rental items see our online catalog here.