Superior Rents carries light towers in case you need lighting on the job site after dark. We offer a variety of lighting. We have 500 watt single halogen electric fixtures as well as 1000 watt double halogen fixtures. If you need to light up a bigger area we have light towers to get the light higher where it will distribute to a wider  area. We carry a 1250 watt single fixture tower that reaches a height of approximately 10′. We also carry a 2500 watt double fixture. But if you need some serious lighting for an outside area we carry a tow-able light tower and generator. It is electric but it is powered by its own diesel powered generator. The generator is a 6000 watt continuous output generator with four 110 receptacles. The light tower has four 1000 watt bulbs that light a large area. The tower will reach a maximum height of 30′ and the overall weight of the machine is just under a ton at 1929 lbs. It is ideal if you have a job that is going to run into the evening or overnight and you do not have electricity on site. It also comes in handy for any outside events or parties that happen to be after the sun goes down. It can easily be towed to your site and set up in minutes.

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