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There are many reasons for having a chainsaw around the house. They allow homeowners to quickly and efficiently trim branches on yard trees, take down trees, and even trim heavy and dense bushes. When confronting the decision of whether to buy a gasoline or electric chainsaw, individuals may have little idea of the assets offered by either model type. Having a clear idea of the advantages and disadvantages of both electric and gas-operated chainsaws can help a consumer make the ideal chainsaw selection to answer his or her needs. It can also be advantageous for consumers to know options when it comes to the vendors available for either a gas or electric chainsaw.

Advantages of Gasoline Chainsaw

One of the biggest advantages to having gasoline chainsaws is more power. The two-cycle engines make them much more powerful than electric alternatives. Because of their impressive power drive, chainsaws using gasoline also have longer blades, allowing them to take on thick tree trunks with ease, for example. Another advantage is they do not need to be plugged into a power source and do not leave cords trailing behind in their wake. This makes them easier to maneuver and wield than electric chainsaws in some scenarios. A gasoline-powered chainsaw is also likely powerful enough to take on any job that is found in a regular household. Average households are not likely to have trees that are too large for one person to address with a gas chainsaw, and a set of branches or bushes can be easily addressed by a such al chainsaw. If a consumer purchases a gas chainsaw, he or she can pretty much guarantee that the tool can handle any task that comes up.

Disadvantages of Gasoline Chainsaws

Individuals who are inexperienced with chainsaws or do not have the strength to operate a larger chainsaw might be overwhelmed by a large gas chainsaw. Operating a chainsaw safely and effectively takes a good deal of upper body strength and practice. A gas chainsaw may give a new user too steep a learning curve. In addition, fuelling up a gas chainsaw can be intimidating to many people. Wielding a container of gasoline and pouring it into a power tool can put individuals on edge if they are not very seasoned power tool connoisseurs. Gas chainsaws also need to be cooled down when fuelled, meaning that users need to stop in the middle of a job and wait if they run out of gas. Another disadvantage is storage. Gas chainsaws must be completely cooled down before their blade covers are put on, and they are prepped for storage. Another important step in storing a gas chainsaw is draining them of their remaining fuel and oil supplies. They also need to be stored in a cool, well-ventilated place and be placed upright so that any petrol vapors left over do not cause a spark.

Advantages of Electric Chainsaws

Electric chainsaws are much smaller and less powerful than gas chainsaws so they are much easier and less intimidating for the average consumer to operate. An electric chainsaw blade typically is no longer than 38 cm, making it a much less threatening power tool than many petrol varieties. This smaller design also makes them lighter in weight and easier to heft, allowing users to lift and use them without bringing in the big muscle. While a gas chainsaw requires a pull start, an electric chainsaw turns on with the simple flip of a switch. Electric chainsaw operators also need not worry about wrangling cans of flammable liquid as with petrol chainsaws. Electric chainsaws operate as basically as any domestic appliance: a user just plugs it into an outlet and flips it on. Also, when storing an electric chainsaw, a consumer has a much shorter series of steps to follow than with a petrol chainsaw.

Disadvantages of Electric Chainsaws

Because of its smaller structure and limited power, an electric chainsaw is not up to every job it may encounter. An electric chainsaw is a viable option for trimming branches and bushes, but it might be hard pressed to take on anything greater than a small tree or sapling. Since it comes with an attached cord, this can limit a user’s range of motion and demand the addition of an outdoor extension cable. More dramatically, it can pose the risk of a user actually cutting through the cord by accident.

Safety Important with Either Type of Chainsaw

Chainsaws are powerful tools that need to be used with an eye on safety and caution. Chainsaws should be operated away from children and pets and should be used in tandem with protective gear whenever possible.


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