Hilti - Standard Diamond Blade


Hilti - Standard Diamond Blade 00002

Hilti Standard diamond segmented cutting blade for gas saw for cutting concrete, masonry and other materials.

  • Good cutting speed thanks to high concentration of diamonds
  • Good lifetime and suitability for universal use on a range of materials thanks to large diamond segments (up to 12 mm high) and special bond
  • Good productivity gain in everyday cutting applications on mineral materials
  • Thick steel core for maximum reliability and safety
  • Performance line, segmented
  • Cutting, resizing and reshaping a wide range of mineral construction materials, especially masonry, natural stone, concrete, roof and floor tiles, etc.
  • For use with all Hilti hand-held diamond cutting tools including angle grinders, electric cutters and gas saws

    Wet and Dry
    Base materials
    Concrete , Masonry , Brick , Block , Concrete block
    Reducing ring arbor size
    20 mm
    Segment height
    0.4 in
    Segment width
    0.126 in
    Continuous rim
    Number of segments
    Segment dimensions
    1.5 x 0.13 x 0.39 in
    Segment length
    1.5 in
    Blade thickness
    0.09 in
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